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The West Wight Timebank was founded by Sally Gaeta in 2015, who continues to coordinate members' activities which have grown and flourished even during this difficult year.

Legally, the West Wight Timebank is a community projects that sits underneath the umbrella organisation called Action 4 Support CIC which Sally set up in April 2018. ‘CIC’ stands for Community Interest Company, which means it is a not for profit business, but to date the West Wight Timebank activities remain our core business.

During this, our second year of the National Lottery Reaching Communities fund, we have celebrated the West Wight Timebank’s 5th year and we have continued to build our membership and time transactions to strengthen our West Wight Community, by sharing our strengths, skills and gifts with others. Our individual membership is 95 this year (86 last year).  Our organisational members have risen slightly from 15 to 18.

We believe that the Timebank model offers a valuable model for change in a country where all too often we see damaged education, health and social care systems that are struggling to support the people they are set up to serve.
Within the Timebanking model, the generosity, empathy and uniqueness of individuals can flourish, and this coupled with our ethos of co-production, and give and take, ensures our policies and procedures bring to life the concepts of Fairness, respect, equality, dignity and autonomy.

What is Timebanking?
Timebanking is a way of linking up the skills and needs of the community. For every hour you put in, you get a one hour time credit which you can ‘spend’ by asking for the help you need. You can also give the credits to another person who needs help or you can save them. Your time credits will be banked on a computer for you to spend when you need them. There is no regular commitment, just get involved when you want to. There is no cash involved, only time.

Who can join?
It is completely free to join and anyone can join and anyone living in West Wight or has a substantial connection with West Wight are welcome. Everyone’s time is valued equally. The Timebank exists to strengthen our communities in West Wight and find that everyone has something to offer.

Our aims
We received a National Lottery Reaching Communities Fund in 2018 to cover a period of 3 years to build a stronger, caring community. Our outcomes were to:
• Grow our Food redistribution Project and community cook ups (Meet & Eat)
• Grow our membership
• Allotment
• Drop and Swap
• Encourage local businesses to support our community through the Timebank offering a token system for members who can have reduced payment of products in exchange for time credits earned.
• To expand and build a network of flexible diverse Timebanks on the Isle of Wight that are based on the Common Good and an asset based understanding of individuals and communities.

Since March 2020 and the COVID-19 outbreak, our Timebanking work has had to change to reflect the government guidelines. Find out more in the 2019-2020 West Wight Timebank Chair's report.

If you would like to set up a Timebank in your area, get in touch.

Sally Gaeta: 
Managing Director

I am the founder and coordinator of the West Wight Timebank which was set up as a community group with charitable aims in September 2015 and is now encompassed under Action 4 Support CIC.

My mission is to develop a network of flexible and diverse timebanks across the Isle of Wight.

In March 2020 I was awarded the St Thomas Award by the Bishop of Portsmouth for her 'exceptional contribution to the community and to the Church'.

Image of Sally Gaeta -  Managing Director
My career in social care over the last 30 years has allowed me to work in different education and health care settings with people of all ages who have disabilities, autism, head injuries, and mental health issues.
I have a degree in psychology and am qualified as a psychometric assessor in emotional intelligence. I was a foster carer for 12 years and was able to provide ongoing support to young people as an adult placement officer, and manager of a small residential home.
I have worked as an advisor for the South East Care Advice Service supporting the managers of residential care and nursing homes in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, and went on to run a successful training consultancy offering an accredited course in ‘Support Brokerage’ in Oxfordshire, Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire. The aim of the training for social workers and support staff was to ensure their practice and person centred inclusive way of working could help people realise their dreams and aspirations.
I have also practised as an independent supporter for children and families with disabilities who are going through the Education, Health and Care Planning process on the Isle of Wight since 2014 to empower families to realise their dreams and aspirations and get the support they need to benefit from the education offered to them.

Debbie Whiteley:

I am Debbie Whiteley, married with three adult children. Since the birth of our first child, about thirty years ago, I have been an active volunteer, enjoying helping organisations fulfil their potential.

I started working with playschools, play groups and school helps. I went on to volunteer at our local, newly opened museum, but found my niche when I started to volunteer with adults, with additional needs, at a local Mental Health hospital. A challenging role which brings enormous pleasure as I help to empower the groups, that I still work with.

Image of Debbie Whiteley - Director
In addition, I also volunteer as a mentor to another group of adults with additional needs, giving the appropriate support to them as they carry out their work. The focus of all my volunteering is to empower the individuals to achieve their goals, with the required support and advise, as needed.
I am so proud to have been asked by Sally, to become a co-director for Action 4 Support. The emphasis, of this not for profit social enterprise is on fairness, respect, equality, dignity and autonomy: principles that I fully support and have worked to achieve in my volunteering roles. 

Gioia Minghella Giddens:

As former High Sheriff of the Isle of Wight, I have had the privilege of seeing the West Wight Timebank in action. I found it both humbling and inspirational, and I am so thrilled that the list of projects you now have in mind will enable more and more Islanders to benefit from your experience, insight, energy and kindness. I know that everything you do is underpinned by 5 core values – Fairness, Respect, Equality, Dignity and Autonomy: values that can only result in a better society for us all, and indeed values I wish we could detect in every aspect of our lives. The world would be a much better place! 

Image of Gioia Minghella Giddens - Patron
Sally's existing projects are already bringing benefits to the community, and many new and ambitious projects are being planned. These new schemes are about building communities in which individuals can flourish and grow, where positive change will be encouraged and where people will learn, by example, that real wealth lies, not in consumerism and profiteering, but in people, relationships and community. Some of these projects are extraordinary in their vision, but I know that, with Sally and Deb at the helm, they are entirely within reach. The future, suddenly, seems bright!   

Timebank Sessional Workers

Sally as lead coordinator for the West Wight Timebank is supported by sessional workers, their details are below

Gina Maliphant:
Timebank Sessional Worker

Gina joined the Timebank in 2019 and quickly became involved in all the activities on offer. She soon started talking with Sally about how Timebank could do something to address the issue of single use plastic waste in the environment.

A bit of research around the island enabled them to meet a lovely lady in Ventnor who had been running a plastic refill scheme from her shop for several years. After visiting, Gina and Sally were inspired to make something similar happen in the West Wight. After looking at various venues, they decided the best format was a pop up. Luckily, several venues welcomed the scheme to their premises on a monthly basis and prior to lockdown, the scheme was running successfully.

At each session, members of the public were invited to bring in their empty bottles to be refilled with eco-friendly products. Several schools were also interested and the scheme was due to start there too. Of course, all this stopped in March but undeterred, Sally and Gina are now re-imagining how it can work in the future.

Gina is also looking into the possibility of making eco bricks – so watch this space… 

Image of Gina Maliphant - West Wight Timebank Steering Group Member

Avril O'Rorke - Sessional Worker

My background is in Education and Children’s Services and I taught in mainstream comprehensive education and managed statutory Children’s Services Teams for Hampshire County Council and Step by Step, a young person’s homelessness charity in Aldershot. Retirement to the Isle of Wight was a blessing after all that!

When we moved here I looked for volunteer work at the Food Bank and in doing so came across West Wight Timebank. I worked with Sally initially as a volunteer and then undertook some fundraising leading to cooking monthly at Meet and Eat in Totland and now preparing and making recipe bags and jams and preserves for the well being and food boxes which are distributed across West Wight. This links with The Real Junk Food Project who provide most of the ingredients for the project.

I love to cook and also supported Shalfleet Lunch Club with hot lunches for Shalfleet residents during lockdown. I’m never bored and always have a project on the go or at least a plan in my head; if I ever run out of ideas there is always the garden to dig, a husband to feed and a posse of cats to serve.
Long may it last! 

Image of Avril O-Rorke - Timebank Sessional Worker

Timebank Steering Group

The West Wight Timebank is overseen by a steering group:

Alison Finch

Amy Duckworth

Chris King

Doreen Dace

Faith Stickland

Gina Maliphant

Further details of steering group members is listed below:

Amy Duckworth:
Steering Group Member

I am on the steering group committee for the Timebank and I help out with collating the newsletter and the day-to-day activities.

Image of Amy Duckworth - Steering Group Member

Chris King: 
Steering Group Member

It is good becoming a Timebank member, you can do lots of things and it is good working with Sally. We will need lots of help with things when lockdown over, come and help!

Image of Chris King - West Wight Timebank Steering Group Member

Doreen Dace:
Steering Group Member

I am a passionate about the circular economy as the way forward so support all that Timebank stands for and especially the opportunities to work together in our community.

Image of Doreen Dace - West Wight Timebank Steering Group Member

Faith Stickland - Steering Group Member

On meeting Sally in 2018 I was immediately impressed with the whole community feel to this organisation and was drawn in to becoming a board member!

I have had homes in all parts of the island but Freshwater parish feels very local and very friendly. Other towns have felt distant with less connection to its island residents.

At the same time of meeting Sally, I set up my own CIC "The Real Junk Food Project Isle of Wight" which sits very well beside the Timebank initiative. We have worked in collaboration on such projects as the Meet and Eat cook ups and the lunch box scheme, summer and autumn last year. During the pandemic both companies have had to change shape somewhat, expanding through our eagerness to find positive solutions, bringing with it the continued help from its Timebank members. 

Image of Faith Stickland - West Wight Timebank Steering Group Member

Timebanking UK Quality Mark

West Wight Timebank has been awarded the Timebanking UK Quality Mark™.

The Timebanking UK Quality Mark™ is awarded to time banks that adhere to the core values of timebanking and operate in such a way that they develop, support and celebrate good timebanking practice as recommended by Timebanking UK.

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