Bespoke Support Brokerage

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this work is currently on hold. We will update this information as things change. 

We support individuals of any age, ability or disability to identify their own goals and purpose and help put their plan into action. 

Support brokers are not advocates or social workers, but can independently help you to:

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Make changes

We will support you and your family to identify the changes you want to make in your life.


Empower you

By working through a person centred toolkit within a person centred approach, we will empower you to move towards the goals you set.


Find Opportunities

If you wish, we will find community opportunities for you.



If you wish, we will negotiate with providers of care and support services to get the best rate for you.
We will cost and write up your own support plan.

The role of support brokerage stops once the plan starts.
Please contact Sally to discuss your requirements with a price on request.

About Sally:

My name is Sally Gaeta and I am an independent Support Broker available to help you to plan and organise any support you need to enable you to live as independently as possible and to life your life the way you want to. 

Sally Gaeta - Support Broker

Personal Experience:
I have 30 years experience in the Social Care field undertaking local and national projects designed to assess and improve the quality of life for people who use services, and those who support them. I have the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience to help a person and their family or carer to arrange care and support that meet the individual’s needs and wishes.

Professional Background:
In my career as a caring professional I have worked with people of all ages who have needed care and support including being the manager of a small home supporting people who have a learning disability to make informed choice about their lifestyle.
I have also helped in the continual development of quality services for people with visual impairments, people with an acquired brain injury, stroke survivors, older people, people who have a physical disability, people who have an autistic spectrum disorder, people who have a mental health problem and people with dementia.

I passionately believe in an approach that enables each individual to make choices about the way they live.

As I have developed a broad understanding of peoples different needs I have also been able to train other carers and volunteers to meet needs in creative ways for example facilitating social activities in the community. I believe in promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all people with or without disabilities.

Area of Expertise: 
My strengths are listening, gathering information and then facilitating plans that support each individual person to maximise their opportunities.

I have experience providing brokerage services for: people with learning disabilities; people with mental health problems; older people; people with physical disabilities and young adults with disabilities transitioning from children to adult services
I also have five children and a cat.

I have completed a nationally recognised brokerage course (National Brokerage Network).
I have completed a ‘train the trainer’ National Brokerage course.

I have a degree in psychology and a post graduate qualification in emotional intelligence (psychometrics).
I have a level 3 certificate in ‘information, advice and guidance’.

I have completed training with the Children’s Disabled Council as an Independent supporter for children and families who are on the Education, health and care planning journey.

DBS checked:
Yes. Enhanced July 2018.
 I also have professional indemnity insurance.

"Sally’s in depth knowledge and understanding of care provision coupled with her caring, warm personality and practical approach meant we could find a perfect care home for my sister, who has particular and difficult to meet needs. Sally interacted wonderfully with my sister and defined, with great precision and insight, exactly what she needed to flourish and then ensured that she received the appropriate support at her new home. I cannot thank or recommend Sally enough."

I have a flexible approach to working as an independent support broker and would find a time to suit you.

Contact Details: 
Mobile 07872304294

Education and Health Care Plans (EHCP)

Update November 2020: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this work is currently on hold. We will update this information as things change.
Independent, impartial support is available for children (up to the age of 25) and families going through the Education and Health Care Planning (EHCP) journey.
Contact Sally for more information

‘Thank you so much Sally. You have been amazing for my son. You have helped me so much over the years. I cannot believe how lucky I was to have met you’
( Father of a young man on the EHCP journey 2018/19)

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Community Led Housing

Coming Soon:
More than Home CLT Ltd.
It is our aim in future to link our Timebank and Support Brokerage schemes to a new community led housing scheme for young people (age 18-25).

Get in touch with Sally to find out more on 
07872 304294

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