We are grateful to our members for their support of West Wight Timebank and Action4Support. Find out more about our fundraising initiatives below:

Beautiful Silk Painting Cards

One of our members, Jane has produced some simply wonderful cards, available for purchase that are ideal for sending to friends and loved ones.

Each card costs just £1.20 with 25p of each card supporting West Wight Timebank.

The cards range from summer flowers and animals to beautiful hand -made Christmas cards.  

We think that each card given would be a fantastic way to give a Christmas gift to families and friends, so hope you do to.

To order some cards please phone Sally on 07872304294 or Jane on 07932105884.

Silk cards by Jane

Profile: Jane Perry, Artist 

I have created art ever since I can remember. It has been the one constant in my life providing me with comfort, solace and therapy.

I went to art school as a mature student because I really wanted to become a Potter, totally unrealistic now I look back. I had at the time been diagnosed with Crohns Disease which hugely impacted my health and work plans, so I had to change direction.

I have tried lots of different mediums, but each has had to be given up because of increasing physical limitations. When lockdown happened, like most people I sorted stuff out that had been lying around. I had a box of silk painting materials which hadn’t been opened for 9 years and I intended to throw it away. I don’t know what made me decide to try it again. I fitted a piece of silk to a frame, and sat in the garden not really expecting to create anything spectacular. I found that freedom liberating and, as I had no real design in mind, something magical happened.

Silk painting is a very different medium from others I’ve tried, in that you only have to touch the paint to the silk and it does the work for you. You can get some control of how the design turns out, but mainly it is a marriage between control and chaos.

I have been involved with Timebank for several years, even trying to set up a Timebank in Newport, and when I had the idea of turning the silk paintings into cards, it seemed a natural progression to create some for Timebank to firstly to put in their well being boxes and then to raise funds for them.

Thumbnails Short Story Collection

During the summer of 2020, during the COVID-19 lockdown, we ran a short story competition through West Wight Timebank.

The winner of the competition has now written and donated this lovely collection of short stories.

A copy can be purchased for £4 from Sally 07872304294

Thank you to our Red-haired Rapunzel for writing the unique stories and for donating the illustrated books to the Timebank.

Thumbnails short stories
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