Current Projects

West Wight Timebank and its parent organisation Action4Support run several projects in the community through co-production and local action. Find out more about them below:

Community Market

Every Friday from 1 to 3pm at the Parish Hall, Victoria Road in Freshwater members and the general public meet together to enjoy all that is going on.

This includes weekly craft sessions, which are proving to be very popular.

It is intended to be a bit of fun, a chance to chat, an opportunity to learn a new skill or enhance an old one, and perhaps learn about a skill from another participant. Make something for yourself, and if you can make some extra for the well-being boxes that are also being made up that is great.

We have a coffee and chat table, our eco refill scheme, teracycle scheme, a table where we make up the family food bags.

At 2pm we have Faiths food van- The Real Junk Food Project IW where everyone can choose food on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis.

Drop and Swap Exchange

Timebanking is a system in which everyone could make a contribution, and in which everyday human skills are recognised and valued. It offers real incentives for people to connect with each other and be part of a supportive Community.

So we are now offering a Drop and Swap exchange to support people in our community.

Core Principles

Anyone can

- Drop off unwanted items of adult clothing or goods and take away an equal number of items that others have donated.

- Individuals can take items away as needed.

No individual will be turned away, even if they are not able to donate any items.

Individuals using the exchange must take full responsibility for the goods they take away. Timebank Members will check the condition of all donated items to ensure that they are suitable for exchange, but are not responsible for any loss or damage sustained thereafter.

Any items donated to the Drop and Swap scheme will be sold at car boot sale if they are not taken within a month, and the profits going to our Timebank fund.

Drop and Swap poster

Timebank Box Schemes

The name of our additional scheme running from June to December 2020 is The West Wight Timebank box scheme. This is addition to our normal Timebank activities both current and those that will continue when the government restrictions are eased.

The activities planned are in direct response to the needs of both Timebank members and their families, many of whom who are self-isolating or shielding and our fellow community members whom we hope to support further through the WWTB box schemes.

The scheme aims to address some of the practical, emotional and mental health concerns that we have due to Covid-19. In particular, loneliness, social isolation, food poverty, and anxiety over the consequences of the virus for each family. We ensure that in accordance with government guidelines, that any goods are left for 72 hours before being delivered and the coordinator uses personal protective equipment to maximise safety for all.

The need for this scheme is evidenced by both by local feedback of what is currently lacking as a community response to the awful virus, and a wider understanding drawn from a recent survey of over 1000 island resident responses, stating:

Over half of the respondents were concerned about affording the basics-food

77% are concerned about their mental health

90% are concerned over the health of loved ones

56% are spending time outdoors in their garden.

The Timebank box scheme will address these needs, and make a difference to people’s everyday lives, understanding that even though we may be isolating and socially distancing, it is important to remain connected, maintain our relationships and meaningful interests which give us a sense of purpose, an opportunity to contribute using our skills and build stronger social networks.

The Coordinator spent time at the beginning of the scheme talking on the phone or by Zoom or WhatsApp to members to find out if and what they would like to contribute to, as we made 4 different boxes for the scheme which were delivered to people’s homes following safe distancing and government advice. This additional emotional support given in a person centred manner maintained the trust and relationships we have gained over the 5 years we have been running, and still allowed people to dip in and out whenever they wished based on their own health, circumstances and confidence levels.

Timebank box making

Growing Box Scheme

A growing vegetable or fruit box, made out of donated free pallets, by individual Timebank members (delivered to their door to make following coordinators discussion of their skills). The lining is made from donated plastic bags in line with our plastic reusing scheme. The box will then be delivered to another member who would like to contribute their time and skills (and their family to give the scheme an inter-generational feel). The member and their family will then fill it with compost (provided by Timebank), and plant vegetables (either those they have grown themselves as long as not grown in fresh manure as per our existing policy for the allotment which is currently closed due to the virus, or given by Timebank) e.g. a salad box may contain come again lettuce, radish, spring onions, small tomato plant and some herbs. Fruit boxes could contain strawberries. This will then be delivered as a gift to the doorstep of a Timebank member who is self- isolating, particularly those who are vulnerable, isolated, or lonely, or don’t have a garden. We currently have over 100 members.

Our Growing box scheme is now available to order for members of the public who live locally, alongside our members: Pallet boxes can be made up into growing boxes on request, filled with plants (fruiting or vegetables) of your choice. Just let Sally know if you would like to order one 07872304294

Wellbeing Box Scheme

We started making well-being boxes during lockdown, and have continued to do so, as they are so well received by members in the community. At the moment, we are making them for carers in the West Wight. We have delivered over 100 in the last year, as a gift of kindness.

The average box contains items made or donated from at least 5 members for example, a pot of homemade jam or pickle, a story written by a member, a plant, a home- made bag or purse, 2 cards made by members, a book, and some smellies.

Food Bag Scheme

The 10 to 12 families (different families for each scheme below) per week we have supported over the last 3 years have benefitted from:

Fresh fruit, veg and bread using produce from Dave’s shop in Brighstone,

The next scheme we ran was to make up simple bags for a pasta or rice meal for a family, and provide a recipe and all the ingredients needed.

The next scheme allowed us to donate 5 pounds to Faiths Real Junk Food Project IW to make up a family food bag with cereals, bread, fruit, veg cakes and treats and tinned food.

These parcels/family food bags are all free of charge.

We are now on our third round of grant money for this for 10 new referrals from Family Liaison workers, health visitors, head teachers and school staff, church and community workers.

They identify families who are struggling, and these are delivered to their doorstep (with their permission to have their address). These families tend to be either working full time, disabled or have extreme difficulties travelling anywhere. They can have a bag weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

 Families are also encouraged to come for food on a Friday to our community market for Faiths ‘pay as you feel’ food. But, if they are struggling and need the Timebank’s help, we can always find food and deliver it.

To enable a fairer spread of families who receive support if needed, we usually limit the scheme recipients to 1 scheme (average of 12 weeks), but this is always flexible, and some families have had a year of weekly deliveries.

As food poverty increases, so does our support.

Drop and Swap Bag Scheme

Drop and swap bags for children and their family. These are pillow case sizes bags, made up of from items that have been donated to the scheme, including tins, dry goods, plants clothing, toys, books and Christmas items selected by the Timebank members or Timebank  coordinator following training already undertaken with Barnardo’s on toy safety, for different ages. Many of the items will be new, but some will be nearly new so the clothes will be washed by members, toys will be checked and cleaned when collected.

10 boxes a month will be made up, but these will be distributed from September 2020 to December 2020 months, and priority will be given to families in consultation with the churches, nurseries and schools, and they may live outside the West Wight.

Update November 2020:

To date we have delivered 10 personalised family drop and swap bags. Families are encouraged to return clothing or toys that their children have grown out of (if they remain in good condition) so they can be repurposed for another family to benefit from in future.

Family Drop and Swap Boxes

Bulb Box Scheme

The Timebank has received donations of bulbs from community members and 21 of these have been  planted up and donated to organisational members of the Timebank in the West Wight.

We have also delivered a further 13 hanging baskets with donated plants to community members in November 2020.

Paul with some of our bulb boxes

Community Allotment

With the kind permission of West Wight Nursery, we have a local community garden in West Wight. 

We have 6 established beds, worked by a team of 9 members each week on a Monday morning. We've had had crops of potatoes, beans, courgettes, tomatoes, rhubarb, parsley, radish, beetroot and onions, which we share between ourselves, but give 50% away to the community market, or to a member for chutney.

If you would like to get involved, contact Sally by email or phone.

Eco Refill Scheme

Are you doing your bit to save the planet?

You can find us at Timebank’s community market at the Parish Hall in Victoria Road, Freshwater, any Friday between 1 and 3pm. Enjoy a cuppa and a chat, and bring your empty bottles to refill with eco-friendly products. 

We now have a number of lovely customers but would love to increase our numbers, so please spread the word! We can all do our bit to help the planet…

We offer washing up liquid, toilet cleaner, cream cleaner, multipurpose cleaner, liquid soap, shampoo, shampoo bars, conditioner, laundry liquid and fabric conditioner. Newly introduced: loofah products, toothpaste in recyclable packaging and island-made deodorant. Payment is by cash or card. Contact Gina on 07790 329859 for more information.

Prices are competitive. To minimise contact, card payments preferred. Please wash and save your empty bottles. 

Cleaning Products:

BioD is the UK’s leading manufacturer of environmentally responsible, ethically sound, cruelty free, vegan cleaning products.  

An independent company creating cleaning products that don’t cost the earth.   

All products are produced in their Yorkshire factory from sustainable and naturally derived products.  

There are no artificial fragrances, GMO or enzymes.   

The majority of the packaging is made from recycled plastics and it will be recycled again.

Shampoos, Conditioners and Body Wash:

Faith in Nature products are made in the UK.  

The ingredients are naturally sourced, free from artificial colours or perfumes, free from parabens and SLES and are never tested on animals. 

They are vegetarian and most are suitable for vegans.   

Faith in Nature do NOT use parabens at all and only use preservatives which are considered suitable for organic certified products. Customers can therefore be assured of a safe, mild product.   

Shampoos contain herbal extracts and essential and organic oils.

Eco Refill Bottles
Eco Refill at Freshwater Library
Eco Refill Products

Eco Refill
Products and Pricing

Call Gina on 07790329859 to arrange a no-contact delivery to your doorstep.

Product 100ml 500ml 1 litre
BioD Washing Up Liquid (Unscented)30p£1.50£3.00
BioD Laundry Liquid (Unscented)45p£2.25£4.50
BioD Fabric Conditioner (Unscented)22p£1.10£2.20
BioD All Purpose Sanitiser
BioD Bathroom Cleaner
BioD Toilet Cleaner
BioD Sanitising Handwash (Rosemary & Thyme
BioD Sanitising Handwash (Lime and Aloe Vera)
Faith in Nature Jojoba Shampoo
Faith in Nature Aloe Vera Shampoo
Faith in Nature Lavender and Geranium Shampoo
Faith in Nature Jojoba Conditioner
Faith in Nature Aloe Vera Conditioner
Faith in Nature Lavender and Geranium Conditioner
Faith in Nature Aloe Vera Body Wash
Faith in Nature Lavender and Geranium Body Wash
Ocean Free Hand Sanitiser Gel

Food Redistribution Scheme

The WWTB has been redistributing food from Sainsbury's local since 2017 to local groups and has recently taken on the Coop in Freshwater too. So now it’s 7 days a week; the amount of food varies from 1 black bin liner-sized amount to 3 of these a day. It usually consists of bread, biscuits, cakes and donuts, and a lesser amount of fruit and veg and flowers. No dairy, meat or pre-packed food is collected.
Timebank members then take it to one of the following places;

Mondays it goes to Oasis at Freshwater Methodist Church and to West Wight Nursery in Totland
Tuesdays to Our Place at West Wight Sports and Community Centre in Freshwater.
Wednesdays to Brighstone and Shalfleet schools, and in the holidays, it goes to the Dementia choir in Freshwater and Shalfleet Pre-school
Thursdays to Green Meadows extra care village in Colwell
Fridays to St Saviours school in Totland and also to West Wight Nursery
Saturdays to Green Meadows extra care village in Colwell and sometimes Colwell car boot sale
Sundays to Freshwater Methodist Church

The message we give out with this is that the food is for everyone, as together, we can save food waste. The food is never past its use-by date. The Timebank believes in giving this food free of charge to the organisations who can if they wish take donations for their own organisation. The food is collected and delivered within an 8 mile radius. Over the years, this has meant thousands of loaves have been redistributed. We run workshops on what to do with all this bread and share brilliant recipes for this, fruit and vegetable too.
The Timebank remains committed to supporting local people in food poverty in a flexible, accessible, free way by utilising good local food that would otherwise be going to landfill. This is collect for free so we feel it should go to others freely.
 There is a need to work across the whole island to work out how to get a more even supply and demand model in place, as there is still a lot of food being wasted and many hungry people in need.

Food redistribution project image

Timebank Walks

Timebank members meet regularly for guided walks in the West Wight area and beyond. These walks are currently on hold due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Timebank Walks


Every fortnight, on a Wednesday morning, members meet in different areas of the West wight for a litter picking session, followed by a coffee afterwards.

Timebank litterpicking

Community Voucher Scheme

The community voucher scheme is an opportunity to offer Timebank members (or their families / friends) a different opportunity to exchange their time credits for 10% of items and services from local businesses in West Wight.

The Timebank sees this as a great way to meet and support more people within the local business community.

Current businesses involved in the scheme are:
The Bay Boutique Bed and Breakfast and eBike HireJ&B Fisheries and West Wight Sports and Community Centre.

Update November 2020:
Due to coronavirus restrictions, this scheme is currently on hold.

Drop & Swap
(former scheme)

We ran a successful Drop and Swap table at the 
Our Place community cafe in Freshwater once a month between 2017 and early 2020.

Drop and Swap was there on the first Tuesday of the month and community members were able to bring along something they no longer needed and swap it for something they wanted.

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, this project had to be halted in March 2020 due to the potential risks around cross-infection from items donated and collected.

Drop and Swap poster

In 2019 the Drop & Swap was expanded to include the monthly Meet & Eat sessions at St Saviours Holy Family Centre in Totland.

Neither the Drop and Swap or the Meet and Eat sessions have been able to continue since the Coronavirus outbreak in March 2020.

Drop & Swap at Meet & Eat Poster

Meet & Eat
(former scheme)

COVID-19 Update July 2020:
The wonderful Meet and Eat sessions we held in partnership with Faith and the Real Junk Food Project IW will sadly not be continuing, but a smaller food focused scheme is being considered for the new year. Sally will share further details about our new food waste project in spring/summer 2021. Keep an eye on our news and events section.

Original scheme information:
Once a month, the West Wight Timebank joined with The Real Junk Food Project, Isle of Wight to run a community cook up event helping to tackle food waste.
The food was donated from local stores and 90% of each lunch was made up from food that would otherwise have ended up in landfill.

Our West Wight Timebank volunteer chefs were surprised on the morning of each session with the ingredients they would have available to make several different delicious meal choices. We try to be as creative as possible and include a vegetarian option.

Donations were made on a pay as you feel basis and went towards the Real Junk Food Project, Isle of Wight CIC. 

Meet and Eat poster
Real Junk Food Project Isle of Wight logo

Family Drop & Swap
(former scheme)

Family Drop and Swap poster
Family drop and swap volunteers

COVID-19 update July 2020:
The Family Drop and Swap previously held weekly at Barnardo’s will not be continuing on Mondays at the Family Centre in Freshwater, as the risks are too high to keep Timebank members safe along with the children and families who visit. 
The space at Barnardo’s is small, and it would be very difficult to keep items clean and sanitised for all.
Instead, The Timebank box scheme will include personalised drop and swap boxes that will go out to families who need them via schools and nurseries post September. The items will be selected, washed and sanitised before being left for 72 hours in the box. Sally will then take them out to recipients/schools/nurseries using gloves and sanitiser.

Original scheme information
We operated the Family Drop & Swap alongside a play session for families with children aged 0-4 in the West Wight Family Centre on Monday mornings during term time between 2018 and early 2020.

With the local Barnardo's Family Centre allowing us to set up in their office, we were able to support local families and give an opportunity for them to donate any unwanted or outgrown items of clothing, toys or equipment and to take away any suitable items that had been donated by other families. 

Children’s Service Manager Claire Steen said: 

“The ethos of the Drop and Swap fits very well with Barnardo’s basis and values and it has been a great demonstration of how the community provides non-judgemental practical support”

The Family Drop and Swap took place every Monday during term time. In addition we were able to make up small parcels of age appropriate clothes and toys that were delivered to island-wide organisations including the fostering and adoption team.

Our Timebank funding partners:

The West Wight Timebank are very proud to have been supported by our funding partners:

West Wight Timebank funding partners image. Freshwater Parish Council, Totland Parish Council, Shalfleet Parish Council, Wight Aid, Isle of Wight High Sherrif and the National Lottery Community Fund

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