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Published 21 April 2021

Since we started 5 years our hundred plus members, (both individual and organisational members) have exchanged over 10,000 hours, utilising a strengths- based approach we have enabled individuals to feel connected, valued and respected for who they are and for what they can contribute to make the West Wight a stronger, more resilient, kinder place to live, work, support others, and be supported in return.

As well as individual time exchanges, we have developed schemes through co-produced ideas, and these include a community garden/ allotment, a plastic refill scheme, and community cook ups, which fed hundreds of our community members with food that would otherwise have gone to landfill, collected by our partner Faith who runs The Real Junk Food Project IOW.
We also have enjoyed group walks, litter picking, coffee mornings, and an eco-brick scheme where members have been making bricks to make a raised bed in the garden of a local housing initiative for young people.

Since lockdown (over the last year), more than 40 of our members have continued to contribute to the work of the Timebank through the Box Scheme, often working from our own homes which has allowed those who have been self- isolating to participate, and improve their mental wellbeing .
Members have made lovely things e.g jams and pickles, cards, clothing or donated thousands of items for others. We have provided over 100 well- being boxes, which have gone out to carers, key workers and members in our community, over 200 food parcels for families struggling with the lockdown, over 100 growing boxes of fruit, veg and flowers, and 35 Drop and Swap parcels for families including food, clothing, toys games and books.

We want to get back to individual time transactions between individuals and organisational members once lockdown allows, and focus on getting more younger people to join the Timebank to share their skills, and receive others in return.
We want to expand our environmental schemes, and aim in the longer term to make the eco-refill scheme self-financing , and increase donations by advertising our living, growing boxes to the general public on the island.

News and Events

May 2022 Newsletter
We have so much to tell you, Our Timebank Community Market Fridays alone keeps getting bigger. From a drop and swap table, sales table, flowers and plants table, monthly jewellery workshop and a monthly fabric Fridays starting soon. So much more to find out about what else has been happening here.

Published 5 May 2022.

Timebank May 2022 newsletter image

April 2022 Newsletter
Have you caught up with our April 2022 newsletter yet? Find all our latest here

Published 5 April 2022.

Timebank April 2022 newsletter image

March 2022 Newsletter
Check out all the updates this March from Action 4 Support and West Wight Timebank here.

Published 5 March 2022.

Timebank March 2022 newsletter image

February 2022 Newsletter
Our Friday Community Market continues to grow, Timebank workshops are starting, litter picks are back across the West Wight and we've been at the allotment again. Find out all about it here

Published 6 February 2022.

Timebank February 2022 newsletter image

January 2022 Newsletter
Happy New Year! Wishing you all a safe, happy and healthy 2022.

You'll find our first newsletter for 2022 here.

Published 5 January 2022.

Timebank January 2022 newsletter image

December 2021 Newsletter
As 2021 draws to a close, find out what has been happening at West Wight Timebank here. Read the latest installment of 'No. 3' here.

Published 6 December 2021.

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Pet Jumpers
Did you know our kids jumpers are also ideal for some of our four-legged friends?

Contact Sally to purchase via 07872 304294 or

Published 30 November 2021.

Dog jumper image

Clothes and Toy Sale
We're really pleased to announce a Pitter Patter children's clothes and toys sale this Saturday 20th November from 12 to 2pm at Freshwater Parish Hall.
Including the wonderful stripy book and jumper parcels for sale for children aged 6 months to 12 years.

Published 18 November 2021.

Children's jumper and book

November 2021 Newsletter
Checkout our latest newsletter, the next part of the Red Haired Rapunzel's story, plus the answers to last month's quiz.

Published 1 November 2021.

Timebank November 2021 newsletter image

October 2021 Newsletter
There's so much going on at West Wight Timebank right now. Find out all the latest news and this month's quiz here.

Also check out a piece entitled Robert Hooke, Lewis Caroll and Quantum Physics by Peter Russell, news of the latest Music Playhouse due to take place in November and details of Flo Sarlat's Yoga and Mindfulness sessions taking place in Totland.

Published 4 October 2021.

Timebank October 2021 newsletter image

West Wight Timebank 2021 Chair's Report
Here is this year's Chair's Report covering the period October 2020 to September 2021.

Published 4 October 2021.

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Eco Refill Scheme returns to Yarmouth
We're pleased to announce that Gina will be taking the Eco Refill scheme back to CHOYD (Community Hall of Yarmouth and District) on the following dates:

Tuesday 21 September
Tuesday 19th October
Tuesday 16th November

Refill your empty bottles with eco-friendly products. Payment by cash or card.

Contact Gina on 07790 329 859 for more details.

Published 16 September 2021.

Eco Refill Yarmouth 2021 image

September 2021 Newsletter
We've got lots of news to share with you this month, including some exciting updates from the National Lottery Reaching Communities fund.

Check out the September 2021 newsletter now.

Published 6 September 2021.

Timebank September 2021 newsletter image

Timebank Community Market
Don't forget each Friday you can find us at Freshwater Parish Hall on Victoria Road between 1pm and 3pm.

Come for a chat and a cup of tea or coffee, and if you like you can help us make boxes and goods to fill them for people in our community. It’s a pleasure to have Faith’s Real Junk Food project IW with us, along with Gina’s plastic refill scheme.

Published 3 September 2021.

Timebank Community Market poster

National Lottery Reaching Communities Fund
We're pleased to announce that the National Lottery have agreed to fund West Wight Timebank for a further three years. Hear what they had to say below:

We’re going to fund your project!
We’re happy to tell you that we are going to fund your Reaching Communities application for National Lottery funding. We want to give The West Wight Timebank
£109,360 over 3 years.
The West Wight Timebank aims to improve both the wellbeing of their community members and form stronger partnership bodies in the West Wight to deliver meaningful, person centred, relationship-based time transactions, and outcomes to benefit the wider
community members, in an intergenerational way, both in the West Wight, and throughout the island. Members will report feeling empowered, benefits to physical and
mental health, increased confidence, make new friends and try new things.
This will be achieved by:
Operating a varied programme of volunteer and social events
Diversify the membership of West Wight Timebank to include more under 25’s and more men.
Continue to provide growing boxes, well-being boxes, and drop and swap bags to people in the local communities
Encourage other parts of the island to form own Timebanks
Increase fundraising income

Published 28 August 2021.

National Lottery Community Fund image

August Walks and Litter-Picks
Our walks and litter picks on a Wednesday are attended by between 4 and 10 people each week, and we welcome non-members to join us. Do come if you can.

All sessions start at 10.30am and finish at 12 noon.

August 4th Litter pick, meet at the car park next to the End of the Line café in Freshwater

August 11th Walk - meet at Gina’s house-Medlars B & B in Yarmouth (park in Westhill Lane)

August 18th Litter Pick starting from Moa Place in Freshwater

August 25th Walk -meet at Yarmouth main car park for a walk along the trail and through woodland and back.

Published 2 August 2021.

Timebank walk image

August 2021 Newsletter
There's so much to tell you in our latest newsletter this month.
From our Parish Hall Fridays, Quiz Walks, Terracycle scheme, Eco-Refill, Allotment, Walks and Litter-picks, upcoming events and loads more Check it out here.

Published 2 August 2021.

Timebank August 2021 newsletter image

A Day at the Bay
Have you heard about A Day at the Bay on Saturday 14 August? West Wight Timebank will be there with 2 stalls: Our eco refill stall, and a produce stall -We will have our growing boxes available there, along with any home grown produce that Timebank members have donated-please do come along to support the event if you can.
Find out more on Facebook.

Published 29 July 2021.

A Day at the Bay poster

July 2021 Newsletter
Get the latest West Wight Timebank news right here.

Published 5 July 2021.

Timebank July 2021 newsletter image

Upcoming Walks and Litter-picks
Throughout June and July, we will be running the following Timebank walks and litter picks on Wednesdays, starting at 10:30am.

June 9th A litter picking session.
Meet at Colwell Common

June 16th A walk at Newtown.
Meet at car park.

June 23rd A litter picking session on Turf Walk at Totland

June 30th A walk in Bouldnor Forest

July 7th A litter picking session.
Meet at Moa Place.

July 14th A walk along the sea front.
Meet at Colwell car park.

July 21st A litter picking session.
Meet at Colwell Common

July 28th A walk at Newtown.
Meet at car park.

Published 6 June 2021.

Timebank Walk image

June 2021 Newsletter
The June 2021 newsletter is out now. With information about our growing boxes, new activities, walks and litter-picks, regular Parish Hall events and more!

Published 2 June 2021.

Timebank June 2021 newsletter image

May 2021 Newsletter
It may feel a bit more like April with the showers but we're getting closer to summer and the all-important easing of restrictions. 
Lots has been happening with West Wight Timebank. See the winning photo from our recent photography competition, find about our fundraising Timebank quiz walks, Parish Hall event plus much more here.

Published 4 May 2021.

Timebank May 2021 newsletter image

April 2021 Newsletter
It's April and the nights are getting lighter. Check out all the latest news from West Wight Timebank in our April 2021 Newsletter. Includes information about our Timebank Boxes, growing boxes, current requests, offers and more!

Published 6 April 2021.

Timebank April 2021 newsletter image

March 2021 Newsletter
Our March 2021 Newsletter is out now, full of all the latest West Wight Timebank news and community information.

Why not test your skills with our latest quiz - Monarchs of England.

Published 1 March 2021.

Timebank March 2021 newsletter image

February 2021 Newsletter
The February West Wight Timebank Newsletter is now available.
This month read the final part of the Red-Haired Rapunzel's story, enter our photography competition and get an update on all current Timebank projects

Published 1 February 2021.

Timebank February 2021 newsletter image

January 2021 Newsletter
Sending greetings to you all for a peaceful, happy and healthy 2021 from Sally and Amy and all the Timebank Steering Group members. 

Here is the January West Wight Timebank Newsletter and Spring Bulb Anagram Quiz.  

Published 4 January 2021.

Timebank January 2021 newsletter image
COVID19 image

To all Timebankers

I thought you would like to read the information below from Timebank UK (TBUK), as the West Wight Timebank is a member.......

"We have now entered another period of national lockdown with no definite end in sight; in all areas, our time bank brokers and coordinators will by continuing to support people in any way they can while staying safe and adhering to national guidelines. 
Our time bank coordinators and members are beacons of positivity, supporting their communities via timebanking exchanges and in other ways. We at TBUK feel that timebanking can provide the confidence boost and renewed connections to keep people buoyant through tough times... and on into happier times to come.
Onwards and upwards..
TBUK has recommended that timebanking exchanges take place remotely or online. From Thursday, we are unable to recommend any face-to-face exchanges at all, though time bank brokers may wish to approve exchanges based on their own assessment of the risks involved."
So, bearing this in mind, I have decided to put on hold our plastic eco-refill scheme, as this is not an essential exchange, but I will be continuing to collect and supply goods for our Family Drop and Swap bags, and food bags as they are supporting local families who find these so helpful, particularly at this very difficult time. I have completed the specific risk assessments for these activities.
So please do continue to let me know if you would like to donate any of the following and I can collect them from your doorstep:
Tinned or dried food
New children’s toys, books, puzzles, games or outdoor toys.
I sometimes receive donations of toiletries from members and other West Wight community members, shower gel and talc, and thought it would be really nice if we could work in partnership to help others. If you would like to donate any of these items along with soft hair brushes, or small packets of tissues, I will share them.

Keeping in touch:
Please don’t hesitate to call, email or text me during lockdown if you think I can help with anything. I will be setting up a monthly zoom session so that we can all share a cuppa and have a chat and see each other again! I’ll send details of this in the next newsletter.

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas to you all from us here at West Wight Timebank. Remember, if need food or support over the Christmas period – get in touch with Sally  via the contact us page on this site.

Published 23 December 2020.

Merry Christmas image

December 2020 Newsletter
The December 2020 Timebank Newsletter is out now. Merry Christmas!

Published 7 December 2020.

Timebank December 2020 newsletter image

November 2020 Newsletter
The November 2020 monthly Timebank newsletter is now available. 

Read the next installment of The Way We Are and try our latest Quiz - Missing Words 

Published 30 October 2020.

Timebank November 2020 newsletter image

Eco-Refill Scheme
The Eco-Refill scheme will outside Freshwater Library on Tuesday 3 November between 10am and 12 noon.
Pop along with your empty bottles to pick up some competitively priced eco-alternative products. 
Published 30 October 2020.

Eco Refill 3 November Poster

Guided Bird Walk
We are hoping to arrange a guided bird walk with a local expert on Thursday 5th November in Yarmouth.

The cost would be £10 a head. Please contact Sally if you would like to be involved.
Published 11 October 2020. 

Bird walk image

Bulb boxes
Here is Paul with our first bulb boxes, using donated spring bulbs planted in decorated boxes that go to individuals and organisations in the West Wight as a gift.

Published 8 October 2020.

Paul with one of our bulb boxes

Eco-Refill Pop-up
Our first Eco-Refill pop-up session outside Freshwater Library was a big success yesterday.

We'll be back again on 3 November 2020 between 10am and 12 noon
Published 7 October 2020.

Eco-Refill Pop-up Scheme October 2020

Items offered
Further to the newsletter yesterday, one of our members is offering a 6 x 4 shed made of plastic and a lawn mower free for collection. Ring Sally if you are interested.
Published 6 October 2020.

Lawnmower image

October 2020 Newsletter
The October 2020 monthly Timebank newsletter is now available. Check it out here.
Why not try our female animals quiz too?
Published 5 October 2020.

Timebank newsletter image

September 2020 Newsletter
The West Wight Timebank is now 5! We have a bumper Newsletter for you this month with news of all we have been doing during this difficult period including news on the allotment, the box schemes, the first installment of story from the Red-Haired Rapunzel, quizzes and more!

Timebank newsletter image

August 2020 Newsletter
We're now back to monthly newsletters here at Action 4 Support. Find the latest from the West Wight Timebank including "Thumbnails", a collection of short stories written during, but not about, the lock-down. All this and more here.

Timebank newsletter image

County Press Article
Check out this article in the County Press highlighting the way West Wight Timebank has adapted during the pandemic to support the local community.

Read the full article here.

Timebank pallet boxes

Special Weekly Newsletter 27 July 2020
Our final special weekly newsletter has now been published. Check it out here. From August we will revert to a monthly newsletter. Thank you all for your contibutions throughout this difficult period.

Timebank newsletter image

Special Weekly Newsletter 20 July 2020
The 20 July 2020 special weekly Timebank newsletter is now available. Check it out here.

Timebank newsletter image

As the Timebank is about doing things together, Sally is delighted to say that a new Timebank box scheme was launched during the COVID-19 outbreak. This has enabled all members to share skills and gifts together, earning time credits, whilst maintaining our safety and following government advice.

1. So far 9 TB members have been helping with the growing vegetable and fruit boxes beautifully made by Tony from free donated pallets, painted by Sally and Joseph and filled with donated strawberry plants and herbs. These will be given as a gift this week.
Tony has also made up some pallet ‘kits’ with full instructions for any member to put together a fruit/vegetable box, so please let Sally know and she can deliver it to you, and collect again when it is ready.
Sally would also be most grateful for offers from any member who would like to fill a box with compost and plant it up with donated fruit and vegetables. Sally can deliver them, along with the compost and plants and then will take it as a gift to someone in our community.

2. 9 members (mostly different members to the vegetable boxes) are helping put together the ‘well- being’ boxes with donated hand made goods, These are being filled with hand -made soap, a pot of jam/chutney, 2 coasters, an artist’s card, a scarf, a bag of spices along with a recipe and a poem or story and a plant grown and donated by members. We hope this gift will make people feel happy when they receive it.
West Wight Timebank Telephone: 07872 304294 Email:
If you would like to decorate the outside of a shoe box, and/or a cardboard vegetable box please let Sally know as we have 10 of each to do.

3. The 10 food boxes a month are going to be made up with bread from Sainsbury’s and donated items from The Real Junk Food Project IW, and given as a one off gift to children and families, via schools and nurseries.

4. In a few weeks, we will start making up the 10 drop and swap boxes to give out to children and families out on the same way.
If you have any of the following that you would like to donate to the Timebank please ring/text/or email Sally who will arrange safe collection from your house following government guidelines:
Small potted flowering plants
Wicker baskets

Vegetable plants –if you have any of the following spare we would be delighted to collect from your doorstep:
Lettuce (cut and come again), spring onion, radish, cress and mustard, small tomato plants, strawberries or dried lavender.

Timebank growing boxes

Special Weekly Newsletter 13 July 2020
The 13 July 2020 special weekly Timebank newsletter is now available. Check it out here.

Timebank newsletter image

Special Weekly Newsletter 6 July 2020
The 6 July 2020 special weekly Timebank newsletter is now available with news of our quiz winners! Check it out here.

Timebank newsletter image

Special Weekly Newsletter 29 June 2020
The 29 June 2020 special weekly Timebank newsletter is now available. Check it out here.

Timebank newsletter image

Special Weekly Newsletter 22 June 2020
The 22 June 2020 special weekly Timebank newsletter is now available. With news from the various different Timebank schemes, an update from the West Wight Coronavirus Support Hub and a short story, Check it out here. This week's quiz round is 'Island Place Names' 

Timebank newsletter image

Special Weekly Newsletter 15 June 2020
The 15 June 2020 special weekly Timebank newsletter is now available. Check it out here. This week's quiz rounds are 'Artists' and 'Artist Anagrams'.

Timebank newsletter image

Special Weekly Newsletter 8 June 2020
The 8 June 2020 special weekly Timebank newsletter is now available. Check it out here. This week's quiz rounds are 'Collective Animal Nouns' and 'Flags'.

Timebank newsletter image

Special Weekly Newsletter 1 June 2020
The June 1 2020 special weekly Timebank newsletter is now available, check it out here. This week's quiz rounds are 'Name the Band' and 'Song Lyrics'.

Timebank newsletter image

Special Weekly Newsletter 25 May 2020
The 25 May 2020 special weekly Timebank newsletter is now available. With news from the various different Timebank schemes and an update from the West Wight Coronavirus Support Hub, check it out here. This week's quiz rounds are 'Wordbuilding' and 'Kings and Queens'.

Timebank newsletter image

Special Weekly Newsletter 18 May 2020
The 18 May 2020 special weekly Timebank newsletter is available here. With an update from the Coronavirus Support Hub, plus news of the exciting new "Timebank Box Scheme". This week's quiz rounds are soaps and words.

Timebank newsletter image

Special Weekly Newsletter 11 May 2020
The latest special weekly Timebank Newsletter dated 11 May 2020 is now available here.

This week's quiz rounds are birds and Island anagrams.

Timebank newsletter image

Special Weekly Newsletter 4 May 2020
The latest special weekly Timebank Newsletter dated 4 May 2020 is now available here.

This week's quiz rounds are food and landmarks. Good luck! 

Timebank newsletter image

Special Weekly Newsletter 27 April 2020
The newest weekly Timebank newsletter dated 27 April 2020 is out now. Read it here. The latest quiz rounds are designer logos and the letter T. 

Timebank newsletter image

Special Weekly Newsletter 20 April 2020
Check out our latest weekly newsletter from 20 April 2020 with more quiz rounds and news about volunteers here. The latest rounds of the quiz are plants and West Wight.

Timebank newsletter image

Special Weekly Newsletter 13 April 2020
We've got a bumper newsletter this week, 13 April 2020.
Find out how the West Wight Coronavirus Support Hub is doing, a story competition, quizzes and more! Find full details here.

Timebank newsletter image

Special Weekly Newsletter 6 April 2020
Check out the second of our special weekly newsletters during the COVID-19. outbreak, plus the butterfly and chocolate rounds of our quiz, published 6 April 2020. 

Timebank Newsletter image

Special Weekly Newsletter 30 March 2020
During this uncertain time with the virus outbreak we are putting out special weekly newsletters to keep our spirits up.

Here is our first one and the programme round and eyes round of our home quiz, published 30 March 2020.

Stay safe everyone!

Special Newsletter 01
Eco Refill Scheme Update March 2020
Don't forget our Eco Refill Scheme takes place several times a month throughout venues in West Wight. Prices are calculated by volume and are very competitive, for example, an average sized refill bottle of washing up liquid costs £1.20.
Payment is by cash only.
When Venue Town / Village Time
First Friday of monthSt Saviours Church HallTotland11am-12noon
Second Monday of monthFreshwater Methodist ChurchFreshwater10am-12noon
Third Wednesday of the monthFreshwater Coffee House *Freshwater2pm-4pm
Third Friday of the monthMini Market Freshwater Memorial HallFreshwater8:30am-12noon
Last Thursday of the monthWest Wight Sports and Community CentreFreshwater10am-12:30pm
Showing entries (filtered from total entries)

* If you can’t get along to any of the venues, Freshwater Coffee House are offering a pre-order scheme where you can drop off your empties to be refilled. You can collect and pay for them the following week. Please support this local scheme and do your bit to save the planet at the same time. 

Seed Planting Event

UPDATE: This event has been postponed
Want to help with us with seed planting (in pots) in readiness for them going off to the Timebank allotment in the near future?
We'll be at a Timebank member's house on Friday 13th March from 11am in Yarmouth.

Please contact Sally on 07872 304294 or email for address details.
Please also bring your lunch with you!

We look forward to seeing you there.

Seed planting image

BBC Radio Solent Feature 3 March 2020

Did you hear West Wight Timebank on BBC Radio Solent this morning? (Tues 3 March) If not listen below to catch up...

February 2020 Newsletter
Our February 2020 Newsletter is hot off the press. Check out all the latest West Wight Timebank news here.

Timebank Newsletter image

January 2020 Newsletter
Check out our first newsletter of 2020. With a reminder of how exactly the Timebank works including how members have accrued time credits, an update on the Eco Refill scheme, the recent Timebank lunch at West Wight Alpacas plus much more! Find out more here.

Timebank Newsletter logo

National Lottery Community Fund Update
Thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund, the West Wight Timebank continues to help people exchange their skills and to set up new initiatives like the Timebank allotment and the monthly Meet and Eat.

We're featured in the latest Community Fund press release about communities having a role in tackling climate change. Check it out.

National Lottery Community Fund Logo

December 2019 Newsletter
Our December 2019. newsletter is out now. Check out all the latest news here.

Timebank newsletter image

PAT Testing Event 13 December 2020
On Friday, 13th December Timebank members were able to get their electrical devices checked for safety at the West Wight Sports and Community Centre with a Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) station.

Items were safety checked for just £1 per item.

We'll look to run another event in 2020.

PAT testing poster

Quiz Night at The Waterfront: Thank you

A really big thank you to Adrian and the team at The Waterfront who enabled us to raise £495 at our Quiz Night for the West Wight Time Bank.

It was a very happy evening with great questions, a hot supper and a really successful raffle. The prizes were lovely and we are grateful to all who donated them especially Freshwater Co-op who gave 4 of the 14 prizes.

Thanks to all who joined us and congratulations to the winning team who won a £50 voucher for a meal at The Waterfront courtesy of Adrian Bolton, a really special gesture.

We shall look forward to making more plans with The Waterfront in 2020.  

Fun Quiz Night poster

November 2019 Newsletter
The November 2019 West Wight Timebank Newsletter is now available. Find out more here.

Timebank Newsletter image

October 2019 Newsletter
Our latest newsletter for October 2019 can be found here.

Dimbola Lodge Event UPDATE
Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Dimbola Lodge event planned for Saturday 19th October has been cancelled.

Dimbola Lodge

September 2019 Newsletter
The September West Wight Timebank newsletter is now available. Find all the updates here

West Wight Timebank Newletter Logo

Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Saturday 28th September is our 2019 Annual General Meeting. Join us at the Freshwater Methodist Church, Brookside Road at 11am.

Hear about updates from the last 12 months and about what we have planned next.

We look forward to seeing you there!

West Wight Timebank AGM logo

Refill Revolution 14 September 2020
We attended the Refill Revolution event at Fort Victoria Country Park on Saturday 14th September 2019 with the refill scheme.

We filled clean, empty plastic bottles with competitively priced, eco-friendly products. 

Other activities on the day included a recycled art workshop, planet aware talk, a beach clean and fossil walk!

Refill Revolution poster

Meet and Eat September 2019
Friday 6th September is our next Meet and Eat sesion up at St Saviour's Holy Family Centre, Weston Lane, Totland in conjunction with the Real Junk Food Project Isle of Wight.

Alongside the wonderful food cooked up from ingredients that would otherwise go to waste, we will have the drop and swap table and the Refill scheme in operation, helping you to cut down on use of plastic bottles.
See you there at 12 noon.

Meet and Eat logo

August 2019 Newsletter

August Newsletter now available!
Including articles about Shalfleet Fete and Yarmouth’s Vintage Car Boot Sale, the Refill scheme, Meet & Eat, the Timebank Allotment, a Timebank member's experience supporting Dimbola Lodge and much more!

Timebank Newsletter Logo

Shalfleet Fete August 2019
On Monday 26th August, West Wight Timebank had a stall at Shalfleet Fete!

We ran some children's games and also sold chutneys and jams and other culinaries including flavoured oils and pickled onions.

Shalfleet Village Fete. Image from

Yarmouth Vintage Car Boot
On Sunday 25th August we had a stall at the Yarmouth Vintage Car Boot Sale.
This was a lovely community event celebrating all things vintage.

We ran the stall from a Classic Chrysler and soldall things vintage.

Vintage Car

July 2019 Newsletter
The July West Wight Timebank newsletter is now available. With information on our most recent Meet and Eat event, our Timebank walk and information on upcoing events and Timebank requests Check it out.

The latest West Wight Timebank newsletter for June 2019 is now available here.

Timebanking UK Quality Mark
We're thrilled to announce we have been awarded the Timebanking UK Quality Mark.

The Timebanking UK Quality Mark™ is awarded to time banks that adhere to the core values of timebanking and operate in such a way that they develop, support and celebrate good timebanking practice as recommended by Timebanking UK.

May 2019 Newsletter
The latest West Wight Timebank newsletter for May 2019 is now available here.

Timebank Fun Quiz Night May 2019

A VERY BIG THANK YOU to everyone who came to the Quiz at The Waterfront on the 12th May. We had an excellent evening and made £235 for Action4Support and the West Wight Time Bank.

Particular thanks to Adrian and the staff at The Waterfront for hosting the evening for us and for their generosity.

Hopefully TimeBank members will be making The Waterfront a destination, the sunsets are often superb! 

PAT Testing Session 8 May 2019
On Wednesday 8 May 2019, the Timebank hosted a PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) session from 10am to 12 noon at West Wight Sports & Community Centre at Moa Place, Freshwater.

A number of Timebank members brought along table top items that they wanted testing, for just £1 per item tested.

PAT testing stickers

April 2019 Newsletter
The latest West Wight Timebank newsletter for April 2019 is now available here.

West Wight Timebank Logo

Action4Support Launch
Action4Support launched on April 4th 2019 at an invitation only event at Dimbola Lodge Museum and Galleries.

Action4Support Logo

Action4Support Press Release:
Launch of Action 4 Support CIC April 4th 2019 @ Dimbola Lodge, Freshwater 7 pm -9pm

A celebration of the launch of Action 4 Support (A4S), a community interest company incorporated in April 2018 to provide a not for profit company underneath which different community projects sit with the overall aim of strengthening our local community.

The West Wight Timebank which has now been running for 3 and a half years was the first to come under the A4S legal structure, and this was made possible through a ‘Reaching Communities’ grant (Big Lottery Community Fund) to continue our work for the next 3 years.

The Timebank builds capacity in the West Wight by recognising and releasing the assets that every individual has. Members offer to do things for others, and in so doing earn a time credit for every hour they do, which they can spend on something another member is offering, save for a time they need something, or give the time credits away to another member.

The Timebank now runs a food redistribution scheme, a ‘Meet and Eat’ shared lunch in partnership with the Real Junk Food Project IOW CIC, a family drop and Swap scheme in partnership with Barnardos, an adult drop and swap scheme, a garden allotment scheme, and a new community voucher scheme designed to support West Wight businesses.

We now have 74 individual and 12 organisational members and between us have exchanged over 5,300 time credits.

A second project, ‘support brokerage’ will be offered from April 2019 under Action 4 Support, where a broker works directly for the person and their family (if appropriate) to make sure they stay in control and get the most out of their lives.

Future growth of Action 4 Support will see a vision where a network of individual Time banks all over the island demonstrate that people are the real wealth of our communities and it is through and with other people that we can hope to make positive change.

Feedback from the launch:

"Thankyou, it was a privilege to be at your launch, again thankyou"

"Inspiring evening"

"A heartwarming event"

One of our excellent helpers at the launch event, George, aged 7, had this to say about Action 4 Support and Timebank:

"Thank you for Timebank helpers that helps raise money and help us support the island. But it’s not just about money because it’s about time did you know 1, 000,000 hours.

I like there tops on the back of the tops it sezz Fairness, Respect, Equality, Dignity. On the front it sezz Timebank Action (4) Support."

Letter from George, Aged 7
Community image

Find out even more about West Wight Timebank
on our Facebook page